Solar Panel Cleaning

Green Facility Cleaning has a very strict employee hiring process.

All Employees wear a company uniform with all proper safety gear required for job site safety and OSHA

All Employees of Green Facility Cleaning are Drug and DOJ screened.

All Employees are trained in proper work site safety. All supervisors are OSHA 30 Certified.

Our Mission is establish strong  business relationships while looking after the environment and reducing our
carbon footprint. We have always been conscious of our environmental impact.  We  firmly believe that small
changes every day will shape a greener future for us and for our future generations.

It was in 2010 we expanded our cleaning company and started our Solar Division!

So how do we stay ahead of all of our competitors ?

Being as curious to all the new innovations in the cleaning community and knowing there is always a better way!

                                                       Professional team

Our professional team of hand picked staff are specifically trained to perform cleaning that you need. This will
maximise efficiency, safety and potentially save your home or business thousands or hundreds of thousands of
dollars through out  its life time. Our technicians have also been trained in height safety and customer service.
Their professionalism in providing you with the best possible service is the common practice of our team. If you
have any feedback to Green Facility Cleaning, it is strongly encouraged to ensure the best ongoing service being
provided to you in the future.

100% satisfaction guarantee is our goal!

Green Facility Cleaning
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Local customers are noticing a big change in the electric bill after their solar panles have been cleaning and inspected.